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You can buy all ferry and airline tickets for Greece and Italy from our Offices...



General Conditions

The most primary aim of our company is to be able to ensure our customers making their reservations safely through our web site. All of your personal informations that you have shared with our website are protected with the SSL technology which is accepted throughout the world.

Credit Card Security

Your credit card datas that are used during payment transaction, reaches to the banks independently of our website with the system of SSL which is the most reliable payment system currently. Due to the fact that these datas pass directly from the bank’s servers, they cannot be displayed, keeped secret or been seen neither by us nor by third person any way except the banks.

Personal Information Security

The informations which are required for reservation such as your name-surname, passport number, date of birth, nation and your contact information will only be used with the aim of authentication and setting off registry, effectuation of selling and reservation transactions and making some kind of statistics, also they will be kept by codifying with SSL technology during transmitting.To make use of SSL , your browser need to support it and the option of SSL has to be activated.The data is being kept in tighter security and privacy standarts which are always essential for us even after receiving it.The data that you have entered is being kept during your transactions and legal requirements. Our company will use its reasonable efforts with the wherewithal to not to be transferred to the third person and for the security of these datas.


General Conditions

In this travel which is going to be carried out between Çeşme and Chios, the transportation of passenger and baggage that will have been done by bearer depends on below mentioned rules of Tamer Tour Tourism Travel Shipping Company, the rules of Turkish Commercial Code that rules over shipping trade and the rules specified by 1974 Athens Convention. These below mentioned rules and conditions put in order the responsibility of carrier and limit it in many ways. All reservations that have been made via web address which belongs to Tamer Tour Tourism Travel Shipping Company are only for F/B San Nicolas and F/B Oinoussai III ferryboats that make trips between Çeşme and Chios, are belong to Sunrise Lines Company that we are the general agency of Turkey.

Transactions of reservation and cancellation

The reservation made via our web site is not as a ticket. The ticket, will be arranged within the time of payment or in case of any demand will be sent your adress or mail to your e-mail. Otherwise, it will be given to our passengers during check-in transactions on the date of departure at our Port Office. Cancellation and refund of money are not given for the reservations that are made via internet. But, in case of informing us 24 hours before the departure of ferryboat, reservation might be returned to open ticket (for the same people and same route) which will be valid for 1 year from that date. The reservations that have been made are personal and cannot be handed on. Besides, the baby and child ages that are mentioned while making reservation from our website will be checked duing check in . The price difference that will appear in the reservations with wrong information will be collected from buyer.

Getting on Board and Travel

It is necessary to be at our Çeşme Ulusoy Port check-in Office 45 minutes before the departure time that is mentioned in the reservations that have been done. Otherwise, our company is not responsible for the problems which are going to happen. In case of not to be able to catch ferryboat on time, any refund is not made but with the same ticket you can be involved to the next travel. There is not any numbering for the tickets you have bought. Passengers can travel at any empty seat that they choose.


YThe materials (flammable, detonating, incisory etc.) and stuff that involve dangerous and harmful sitiuation healthwise are absolutely not carried. Our company cannot be blamed for the harms that can happen as a result of this situation.


It is forbidden to carry animals such as cats,dogs or birds accompanied with the passenger or vehicle. Livestocks can be carried with their own special cages in case of having their all kinds of documents and veterinary papers that are demanded by the Turkish and Greek authorities. Our company never cannot be blamed for the death,injury or the penalties that will be fined by the authorities due to lack of paper as a result of not ensuring these conditions.

Timetables and Cancellation of Trips

In conditions such as strike, bad weather conditions or ferry breakdown that can happen in Turkey side or Greece side,the carrier company Sunrise Lines has the right to cancel the trip completely or postpone it to another day and hour. Barely the passengers will be transferred without demanding any extra payment or in case of having availability of another company’s ferryboat that makes trip in the same line,on same day and hour.


About the discounts for groups of minimum 10 person, you can get contact and take information from us by calling 0232 712 79 32-33.

Limitation of Trip

The children under 16 years old must absolutely travel in company with their parents. It is necessary for our passengers whose pregnancy has been more than 6 months to come with the travellable medical sertificate that they will take from their doctors. Otherwise our company cannot be responsible from the negativenesses that can happen.

Regulations of Visa, Passport and Customs

The passengers are under obligation to obey valid regulation and condition in order to provide transportation. People who have Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus stamp on their Turkish passports cannot enter Greece.

The Title of Carrier : SUNRISE LINES LTD. 28 kanari Str. Chios – GREECE

General Sales & Ferry Agent in Turkey : Tamer Tur Turizm Seyahat Gemicilik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti / Chios Sunrise Tours All of our customers that make reservation through our company on internet are ranked as accepted all the articles in this document. In case of disagreement, the courts of Çeşme are authorized.

TAMER TUR TURİZM SEYAHAT GEMİCİLİK SAN.VE TİC. LTD.ŞTİ. Musalla Mah. 1065 Sok. No: 17/A Çesme – IZMIR PHONE : 0090 232 712 79 32 – 33 FAX: 0090 232 712 65 08