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South Chios

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At 09:00 meeting at Çesme Ulusoy Port for passport and check-in procedures. Departure is at 09:30 and after a 40 minutes enjoyable trip we arrive to Chios Island. After passport control at the Chios Port, we start our tour by bus waiting for us.

Beginning our tour from the city of Chios Island, we pass through the Kampos of Chios where we will make a brief stop in order to admire the old manors. Kampos, one of the most picturesque areas of Chios, is a unique residential complex, combining the exquisite natural scenery with citrus groves with the unique architectural features.After
we arrive at Mastihoxoria (mastic gum villages) where mastic flourishes, produced from the mastic bush pistacia lantisca, a bush which is only grown at the south part of the island. Our first stop is in Armolia, a settlement with a tradition in pottery. The village residents are skilled in the making and decoration of clay objects.
Our next step is Pyrgi, the largest of the medieval villages of the island and perhaps the most interesting in terms of folklore and architecture. The architecture of the houses of Pyrgi is noteworthy, made with pyramid shaped roofs, the “travaka”, and the painting of the house interior walls, the so-called “xista”. This is a technique where carvings are made in the facade plaster with constant alteration of white and black. At the village square we visit the lChurch of Agioi Apostoli, an excellently preserved Byzantine monument with magnificent frescoes of the 13th century. After a coffee break at the cafeteria, we arrive at Mesta, which is characterized as a landmark monument and is one of the most well-preserved fortified settlements dating back to Genoese rule. The village has only one entrance and one exit point. A walk through the narrow alleyways of the village, under the arches created by the balconies offer the visitor an unforgettable experience, with the intense presence of the 14th century. We visit the church of Palaios Taxiarhis, with the famous wood carved temple located at the northwestern point of the settlement. Next we arrive at Mesta port where we can stop for lunch.

Returning to the city of Chios we can visit the coastal settlement of Emporios. It’s beach, called Mavra Volia, is unique, due to the black pebbles which give the sea a dark colour. As we look toward the sea, to the left we look upon the inactive volcano of Psaronas, whose eruption caused the side beach of Emporios to be covered in volcanic lava and the pebbles to receive the color they currently have.

South Chinos

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